23 March 2011

#Min Tip: Let Them Push Themselves

One of the secret towards excellence is the push must come from within, not outside. Push from within means the inner drive to succeed. It is actually us against ourself. It is so much more "fun" to go through compared to when we are subjected to push from the outside.

And it is not very different in home and in office.

At home, an example of the push from outside could be the parental's pressure for their kids to excel in exams. It may even succeed in the short-term. But in the long-term, a different story unfolds. The pressure needs to be constantly applied until it is no longer sustainable. Worse, it may affect an otherwise great relationships between the parents and kids.

Think about it - do we like the boss who keeps breathing on our neck, checking and pressuring us every minute?

~Zaid Mohamad~

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